Who Controls Water in Indonesia?

We sit down Dr. Mohammad Mova Al’Afghani to discuss the 2018 Water Bill being deliberated by the House. This is a crucial bill and as the current draft stands, it would have a wide impact on the businesses as well as on local communities. This bill involves a lot more than just water and we break down all the key aspects that you need to know.

Why Jokowi & Prabowo Need Other Parties

In recent episodes, we have covered the run up to the 2019 presidential campaign and the political negotiations that have been involved, particularly the coalition building between political parties. We also discussed how parties are scrambling to form coalitions to meet presidential thresholds. But why do they even need coalitions and what’s all the fuss about?

Widodo's Coalition and Next VP Candidate

Despite what the news headlines state, Widodo has yet to decide who will be his next VP candidate. It’s becoming more and more likely that President Widodo’s next vice presidential candidate will not come from a political party but rather be an outsider. We cover Widodo's expectations and negotiations with his coalition partners and Vice President Kalla's efforts to run for a third term as VP.

212 Hardline Islamic Association

E16: We focus on the latest developments involving the controversial hardline Islamic association known as the "212 Alumni". This group was instrumental in the campaign against the former Jakarta governor Basuki Purnama or Ahok in 2017. The 212 Alumni is making headlines once again as they hope to play a another role in a new coalition to challenge President Widodo’s re-election run in 2019. We discussed a variety of topics such as, the controversial cleric Habib Rizieq, the use of identity politics, the 212 groups view of Widodo, and how 212 intends to play a role in the upcoming presidential elections in 2019. 

Golkar, Widodo And The VP Seat

The lack of clarity of who will be Widodo’s next vice presidential candidate has caused internal friction inside the Golkar party. This situation has left several senior party members questioning Widodo’s loyalty to his closest ally. Widodo’s key coalition member has become divided on whether to fully back the president for a second term as the president eyes other candidates besides Golkar chairman, Airlangga Hartarto.

Ahok's Trusted Assistant & Indonesian Solidarity Party PSI Member- Michael Sianipar

We speak with Michael Sianipar, at age 27, he was one of former Jakarta Governor Ahok's trusted assistant until his final days in office. He is now head of the Indonesia Solidarity Party (PSI) Jakarta office. We discuss Ahok's demise, his style of leadership and the future of Indonesia. We also learn more about one of Indonesia's newest political parties and how this younger generation plan on changing Indonesia politics.