E31: One-on-one with Jusuf Kalla


We had the honor and privilege to interview Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, on April 18, 2019, less than 24 hours after the nationwide elections.

Kalla is known as prominent businessman turned veteran politician, serving two five-year terms as vice president for two different presidents. He was the critical figure in mediating peace in Aceh along with conflicts in Poso and Ambon and has been called “the peacemaker”. He was also tasked with running the country’s economy during Yudhoyono’s first term. As he is about to complete his second five-year term as vice president, we take a look on his thoughts, insights and legacy regarding Indonesia's progress in the election, the economy, politics and international affairs.   

Episode Details

0.19 - 1.58: Introduction

2.02 - 5.09: 2019 Presidential Election

  • Update on the 2019 Indonesian presidential election

  • Incumbent President Joko Widodo’s impression on the quick count results

  • President Joko Widodo’s priorities if elected for second term

5.10 - 11.32: Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry

  • Concerns for Indonesia’s development in manufacturing

  • Digitalization of manufacturing: the Industry 4.0

  • The global supply chain and Indonesia’s participation

11.40 - 16.03: Priority Draft Bills

  • The progress for the parliament’s priority legislation bills

  • The President’s role in issuing draft legislations and decrees

  • Importance of data privacy protection bill

16.14 - 24.53: Indonesia, Myanmar, and ASEAN

  • Lessons from Indonesia’s history for ASEAN members

  • Kalla’s role as “the peacemaker” in mediating major conflicts in Indonesia

  • Indonesia’s effort and aid in Myanmar’s development towards reform and conflict resolution

  • The similarities and close ties between Indonesia and Myanmar since pre-independence days

25.00 - 28.33

  • Jusuf Kalla’s legacies and setbacks

  • Next plans after term as Vice President ends this October

28.42 - 29.47

  • Closing


Podcast hosts: Shawn Corrigan, Tanita, Veronica

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