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E27: Simultaneously Strenuous

Despite its importance, not a lot has been discussed about the upcoming legislative election that will take place at the same day with the presidential election. The legislative election this year is going to be tougher as changes in various regulations influence how political parties behave. What’s the relationship between the presidential candidates and their coalition parties? Will political parties benefit from a “coattail effect”? Will we see the end of some old and popular parties this year? Stay tune in this space as we pick on Djayadi Hanan’s insights again on this issue.

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E24: Doubling Down on Data Part 2

Indonesian officials hope new policies can expedite growth for its digital economy. The government is preparing to finalize the revision to a controversial regulation (GR82/2012) which is viewed as overprotective and inflexible data regime. We breakdown all the essential changes that will impact how data is managed and processed and which data can flow outside Indonesia’s borders.

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E21: 2014 vs 2019, Surprise Bill & Rising Stars - Q&A Roundtable

The 2019 presidential race has officially started. With two months into the campaign, we are joined by our colleague at LEXICO Indonesia, Arief Budiman, who shares valuable insights on what’s different from this year’s campaign from the one in 2014, analysis on both campaign teams, and the trajectory for the coming general election next April. We will also learn how bills and policies are strategically prepared during this period and see which may have some surprises.

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