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E34: A Receding Wave of Optimism in Myanmar

A wave of optimism flowed over Myanmar in 2010 when the military leadership began the slow process of opening up the country and implementing both economic and democratic reforms. At the same time, the government began new efforts to establish peace with more than a dozen armed ethnic minority groups. This was followed by historic general elections in 2015 and a new government. International leaders lifted sanctions on the country and competed with each other to meet the defacto leader and face of the democratic movement, Aung San Suu Kyi. Now, peace negotiations have stalled, reports of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Rohingya have gone unanswered. What are the major obstacles for the peace negotiations? What might the upcoming election results in 2020 look like? What’s the latest situation with the Rohingya crisis? We discuss these issues and much more with the former Myanmar deputy minister of information and presidential spokesperson, Colonel (ret.) U Ye Htut.

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E29: ASEAN Through the Lens of a Human Rights Activist Working Inside ASEAN

Although ASEAN has been under fire for its powerlessness in the face of several human rights atrocities such as attacks on Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar, internal ASEAN officials, some of whom have lengthy human rights activism experience, remain optimistic that the association can be a force for good. Join us for a discussion with the Indonesian Representative of the ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission of Human Rights (AICHR), Yuyun Wahyuningrum.

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