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Indonesia In-depth focuses on topics related to Indonesia such as politics, business, policy and even culture. Our goal is to provide listeners with in-depth information on current issues in Indonesia. Each episode will feature discussions among colleagues or interviews with special guests such as lawmakers, key government officials, top business leaders and various experts.

Indonesia In-depth studio

Indonesia In-depth studio




As an American, Shawn’s link to Indonesia began when he was a foreign student at the University of Indonesia in 1997. He witnessed and documented first-hand the pro-democracy movement and the beginning of the Reformasi period, which brought violent street demonstrations, the occupation of the parliament building by students and President Soeharto’s resignation. These events cemented his interest in Indonesian politics ever since.

He returned once again to Indonesia in the early 2000s working as a political/business risk consultant, advising MNCs on government policy, regulations and other issues for over 13 years. The goal of this not-for-profit podcast program is to increase awareness and understanding of politics and culture among English speaking audience. 




Tanita is a researcher, an aspiring scholar, and a podcaster.

She grew up Indonesia to study law at University of Indonesia and then the University of Cambridge as a Jardine scholar. She has been involved in various research groups, including writing for a book-chapter on the South China Sea dispute with a senior Indonesian ambassador, and participating in a summer research trip to multiple Palestinian cities in the West Bank as part of the Cambridge Palestine Trek.

It was during her time in Cambridge that she created the law faculty’s first student-run podcast. The podcast covers in-depth explorations on topics related to state sovereignty and identity with international scholars.

During her free time, she writes and performs spoken-word poetry. She once performed her very personal poetry at the Inkwell Art Event at Heong Gallery in Cambridge, UK.


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Veronica graduated from the law faculty at Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH).

She develops her critical thinking ability and research skills by participating in national debate competitions and international law moot court competitions. As the head of the debate committee at UPH, she was able to successfully lead her university’s biggest debate competition.

She values thought-provoking discussions and debates. She believes through the participation in an open discussions that it enables for a society to move forward.