One-on-one with Jusuf Kalla

Jusuf Kalla is known as prominent businessman turned veteran politician, serving two five-year terms as vice president for two different presidents. He was the critical figure in mediating peace in Aceh along with conflicts in Poso and Ambon and has been called “the peacemaker”. He was also tasked with running the country’s economy during Yudhoyono’s first term. As he is about to complete his second five-year term as vice president, we take a look on his thoughts, insights and legacy regarding Indonesia's progress in the election, the economy, politics and international affairs.   

Appreciating Indonesia’s Democratic Election

Some people, primarily among the international community, question whether the 2019 Indonesian elections will be free and fair, void of voter irregularities and/or violence. But are these concerns well-grounded? Do we need to be worried? Shawn believes that these concerns are reasonable but unfounded. We take a look at Indonesia’s recent history in 1998 and appreciate how far the country has come in terms of its democratic elections. In addition, we will discuss whether the new shift to a concurrent election system will cause major disruptions during the election process itself.

ASEAN Through the Lens of a Human Rights Activist Working Inside ASEAN

Although ASEAN has been under fire for its powerlessness in the face of several human rights atrocities such as attacks on Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar, internal ASEAN officials, some of whom have lengthy human rights activism experience, remain optimistic that the association can be a force for good. Join us for a discussion with the Indonesian Representative of the ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission of Human Rights (AICHR), Yuyun Wahyuningrum.

Lost in Labels

What is wrong with foreign media’s portrayal to a Muslim figure who calls out other Muslims? How could it be harmful? Join us with Sakdiyah Ma’ruf, a brilliant stand-up comedian who gained international recognition for her stand against Islamic fundamentalism and extremism. In this episode, she reflects on her fear of misrepresentation, the actual rise of conservatism in Indonesia, complicated upbringing that influence her stances and untangling her thoughts on the complexities of these issues.  

Simultaneously Strenuous

Despite its importance, not a lot has been discussed about the upcoming legislative election that will take place at the same day with the presidential election. The legislative election this year is going to be tougher as changes in various regulations influence how political parties behave. What’s the relationship between the presidential candidates and their coalition parties? Will political parties benefit from a “coattail effect”? Will we see the end of some old and popular parties this year? Stay tune in this space as we pick on Djayadi Hanan’s insights again on this issue.

Indonesian Presidential Debates: Do They Matter?

The Indonesian Election Committee (KPU) will conduct the first official presidential debate on the January 17 and discuss pressing subjects such as legal affairs, human rights, corruption, and terrorism. How impactful will this debate be compared to the one in the 2014 election? Can this resolve the current flow of unsubstantial or sensational news relating to the candidates and the election?

Electronic Nationalism

How do everyday Indonesian youths express their nationalism and how do they reconcile it with their interests? This episode is transporting you to the mind and works of Alffy Rev, the man behind the electronic remixes of Indonesian national songs and even the national anthem. Here is his story exclusively for Indonesia in-depth podcast.

Doubling Down on Data Part 2

Indonesian officials hope new policies can expedite growth for its digital economy. The government is preparing to finalize the revision to a controversial regulation (GR82/2012) which is viewed as overprotective and inflexible data regime. We breakdown all the essential changes that will impact how data is managed and processed and which data can flow outside Indonesia’s borders.

Doubling Down On Data Part 1

After a wave of data privacy scandals hitting Facebook, Google and Starwood, the government plans to introduce the Data Privacy Bill to parliament with hopes it will be passed in mid 2019 We discuss all the key points of the bill with the man behind the bill, Director General Samuel Abrijani.