Solving The Political Rubik's Cube

This episode is your new manual for Indonesian politics! We lay out all the pieces of the Indonesian political Rubik’s cube and put them all together with Dr. Djayadi Hanan. We cover all the important elements of the 2018 regional elections, the political party dynamics, the political battle for House seats in 2019, which parties are set to become extinct as well as the Widodo - Prabowo contest for the presidency. It’s a full episode and the go to guide for understanding Indonesian politics.

Rising Star - Governor of NTB Dr. Zainul Majdi

We speak to one of Indonesia's rising stars and two-term governor to discuss his future plans, his key policies and the future of the West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB). The governor has successfully cut the bureaucracy, increased agricultural production and promoted moderate Islam and he is only 45 years old. Dr. Zainul is aiming for higher office and is someone to watch in 2019.