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E35: What It Takes To Rig An Election

The 2019 election has ended but the discourse of “election fraud” in Indonesia remains foggy and tends to shun away from the statistical elements that makes up the election itself. The Constitutional Court rejected Prabowo’s challenge to the 2019 presidential election results when he complained of “structural, systematic and massive electoral fraud”, but what does that standard even mean? Why does It matter in a large-scale election like Indonesia’s? How do you actually manipulate the voter list? Ultimately, we ask: what does one need to do in order to rig an election? In this episode, we dive deep into this issue with Seth Sorderborg, an expert on Indonesian elections and a Ph.D candidate in political science at Harvard University.

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E33: "The election system is broken"...again

Presidential contender, Prabowo Subianto and his political coalition, rejected the official presidential election results announced by the General Election Commission (KPU) and filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court citing that “structural, systematic and massive electoral fraud” occurred. His challenge received quite a bit of attention in both the local/international media and by political observers who believed that such a move could escalate political tensions and could divide the country. Despite the hype, media attention and fears of polarization, Prabowo’s decision to appeal the presidential election results in the Court is actually the norm not the exception. Shawn and Tanita shed light on how many of the same political players in power today made the same claims in past elections when outcomes were less than favorable.

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